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Perfect girl Evolution by HAYAKAWA Tomoko

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Ultra Downloaders!
Title: Perfect girl evolution
Mangaka: HAYAKAWA Tomoko

Perfect girl Evolution by HAYAKAWA Tomoko Perfectgirl

Four gorgeous guys make a deal with their landlady: they'd live in a mansion, absolutely rent-free, if they'd turn the landlady's niece into a young lady. Easy, right? Enter Sunako Nakahara. Flowers wilt around her, lightbulbs blow out as she passes under them, and she bleeds when she sees beautiful people. Is it even possible to turn this "ugly" introvert into a radiant creature like her four housemates? (from mangaupdate)

[From Del Rey]:
It's a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen-year-old friends are allowed to live in it for free! There's only one conditionthat within three years the guys must transform the owner's wallflower niece into a lady befitting the palace in which they all live! How hard can it be? Enter Sunako Nakahara, the agoraphobic, horror movie-loving, pockmark-faced, frizzy-haired, fashion-illiterate recluse who tends to break into explosive nosebleeds whenever she sees anyone attractive. This project is going to take more than our four heroes ever expected: it needs a miracle!

Hehe, I think you know this famous manga and anime ^^
I think the anime is greater than manga (because guys 're very very beautiful :P)
Let me know what you like the most in this manga? I don't know how to say, I like , I love this manga, everything in it :"> I like Sunako chan the most, shoujo, but this manga is not like others, it's very funny and romance (sometimes :P)
If you haven't read manga or watch the anime, don't wait anymore, just enjoy it, I'm sure you're love it more than me :P

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I read up to like chap 60 something and i stopped because i want to read the whole thing over again after the manga is finished. I really like this because it is not too romancy and the balance of the romance and comedy is just right.

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