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Ninohime No Monogatari [complete]

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Ninohime No Monogatari [complete] Ninohime

Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Historical
Mangaka: Izumi Kaneyoshi
Length: 1 Volume
Scanlation group: Esthetique and Aerandira scan

A collection of 3 stories:
1) Ninohime no Monogatari
In the times of wars, a princess and a vassal fall in love and the two are bound by strong ties of love despite different ranks. Soon they are at the mercy of their fates, and what they decide to do is...?
2) Racing Queen
When it comes to being a racing queen (it's like being a cheerleader for Nascar), you're either a bitch or a lost puppy. Ei learns this lesson the hard way from Akane, the reigning racing queen of the famous Meitoh Team, when Ei joins the team to put herself through college. It's only by doing harm to others that you succeed, and once you've succeeded, everyone wants to do harm to you. Ei's dream was to be the top racing queen, but once she gets there, it turns into her worst nightmare...
This story was also published as part of the anthology "Bitter - Nakechau Koi Monogatari" scanlated by ShoujoMagic.
3) Chijou 20m de Aimashou


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