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Making windows more usefull for ur daly life!!

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Link = For Windows 2000/XP
Link = For Vista Only

There are no programs like this that I know of that are for earlier versions of Windows. Besides, it's rather pointless to get anything earlier than 2000, as using an OS with DOS basis is insane. (Because DOS is vastly insecure. A single user environment where anyone can do anything is not secure by any means. 2000 fixed this issue by going multi user)

Why get these tools? Well, they basically allow you to make any Windows install disc into one that is customized for your use. You can remove components(like IE!), slipstream service packs, add on device drivers, and even make a fully automated install.

This is handy for people that have Windows, but want to make it more suitable for their general use.

Making windows more usefull for ur daly life!! Ichigo2sxrain8gfhm9
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