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6 steps 2 make windows more secure!!

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16 steps 2 make windows more secure!! Empty 6 steps 2 make windows more secure!! on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:26 am


Windows is the shittiest OS that I know of as far as security goes, and Microsoft's built in tools do not help. I've intentionally infected myself with a trojan, and Windows didn't disable any of its built in security, and it failed to protect me!

This is essentially a check list, on things that I think you should do to improve security in windows.

1. Do not use Internet Explorer.

I do not give a damn what new security enhancements exist in IE7 or the new things they added, the point is that it's still insecure, and it's advised by the Department of Homeland Security to not use it! So be smart and use a good browser. Like Mozilla Firefox Link

2. Do not use Outlook Express.

For the same reasons as why we don't use IE. Use a good email/newsgroup program. Like Mozilla Thunderbird Link

3. Get a antivirus program

Like NOD32. There are many good antivirus programs, just get one.

4. Get a antiSpyware program.

Like Spybot! Link

5. Get a good firewall.

Because the one in Windows fails. And it doesn't tell you when it blocks things!
I personally recommend Sygate Personal Firewall, or Zone Alarm's free basic firewall.

6. Update these things!

All of this stuff is shit if you don't update it. So update your stuff, and you will be good with security in Windows.

Feel free to post here if you experience any security issues, and I will try to assist you when I have the time.

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